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Welcome To ELOI.CO Free Global Classifieds

Home of the free permanent ads you can post here and sell your item easy. This is free to join and you will get incentive. We need you to try all the functions and look for bug. This is a premier service and it will improve significantly with your help.

ELOI.CO is a free autonomous system of the Universe Government for your personal or commercial interests. You are free to enroll and use these services. This is a low cost high end interface aim at new security process. The dynamic content is subject to increased filtering and rating never seen elsewhere before. Added features such as chargeback are standard way to furthermore enabled protection. We will make this scene an everlasting concept rich of technics and global people. REGISTER & LOGIN.


Users: 433

Outstanding items: 90

Transfered items: 70

We need more ressources to start new services, discover required improvement and promote usage.


Number of search: 149395

Global payout: 503613

You can earn cash and promote your business; Enroll now to get real benefits free of charges. Every new account count toward a faster success of this Enterprise.

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Your balance show how much trust you deserve through this system. Everyone is a winner here.


This set of core services is not a final state. We will add more function that work with your account and experience.

Into this Beta release you have the core marketing and trading plathform combined into one easy solution. You can also use the services to automatically earn money that buy real good from within this application. The more user you will get increase the liquidity of this whole new currency.

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  • @xfiles you can transfer large attachments without the hassle of FTP.
  • No account is required and the service is free. This mean you can store unlimited files for free and anonymously.
  • The website is secured and we do not keep any special records of activity.


Eloi is the first name of Eloi Duguay, a technical support consultant often employed by IBM that worked for several fortune 100 organizations including banks and telecommunications company. Eloi is a starter. Eloi is the owner and founder of the Universe Government, a government who promote peace, global wealth and advance. Get a sample CV here.